Sunday, May 2, 2010


The paint out, known as a Plein-Air, is scheduled for November 7-13, 2010 and is intended to be an annual event. The week long event will have many sites for the thirty artists to capture the sense of the Canaveral National Seashore Park and the local community of New Smyrna Beach.

The purpose of the Canaveral Paint Out is to raise money for an Interactive Environment Learning Center which the Friends of Canaveral plan to build within the park in cooperation of the park staff in celebration of the parks 35th anniversary and the 20th anniversary of the Friends of Canaveral .

The Interactive Environment Learning Center will provide classroom space and support facilities for thirty to fifty students at a time to study the land of the barrier island and the sea shore environs of the Atlantic Ocean and Indian River Lagoon all located within the Canaveral National Seashore Park.

Painting sites on the barrier island include locations at the Eldora House, and the area where the old hotel was located north of the Eldora House, the Schultz Leeper house, Castle Windy, the Turtle Mound and there are numerous other trails and sites the artists may select within the park.

Painting sites on the ocean are in the vicinity of parking lots 1 through 5 and on the Indian River Lagoon at parking lots 6 through 9. Fishing docks in the lagoon are located at parking lot 6 and at the Eldora House and boat launching ramps are located at parking lots 1 and 5 and bathing beaches on the lagoon are located at parking lot 5 and at the Turtle Mound.

There will also be a day or two to give the artists an opportunity to paint at various locations within the city of New Smyrna Beach; Old Fort Park, the North and south Causeway Parks and the city marina thereby bringing attention to the residents of New Smyrna Beach the Canaveral Paint Out.

A wet room will be available in the park in and next to the Eldora House for artists to display their work during the week long event.


The Canaveral Seashore Paint Out will be held at the northern part of Canaveral National Seashore Park. The entrance to the northern part of the barrier island park, is accessed from Interstate I-95 to New Smyrna Beach via State Route 44 and then South Atlantic Avenue to the park entrance. (see attached map).

Headquarters, artist registration and guest information will be at the Eldora House which can be reached by following the road south from the park entrance to the Eldora Road and then following the signage to the Eldora House parking lot, which is parking lot 8.


For more than 20 years, the Friends of Canaveral, Inc. have supported the National Park Service in its mission to preserve, protect and interpret the 57,000 acres of pristine shoreline, dunes and wilderness that are Canaveral National Seashore.

In 1989, the Friends were instrumental in raising funds and public awareness to restore and preserve the Eldora State House which is located within the park. Today we continue this partnership, with emphasis on maintaining the historic buildings within the park-- the Eldora State House, the Shultz-Leeper House, and the house and caretakers house Seminole Rest.

In 2010, we are celebrating the 35th anniversary of Canaveral National Seashore by initiating a multi-year project to build an interactive learning center that will give our children a hands-on experience to learn about their heritage and to protect it for future generations. The Timucuan Indians, the Spanish Conquistadors, and the early 19th century settlers of the Eldora community can come alive for kids and adults alike.

In our planned learning center, children will learn as they have a lot of fun! They can explore Turtle Mound, Mosquito Lagoon, discover the unique wild life and plant life of a barrier island and experience the real life of the early19thcentury settlers.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wetroom/Gallery is located at the Eldora House

We have created a wetroom art gallery for artists to hang their completed paintings in the Eldora House.The Eldora House is a beautifully restored 1927 residence of the Wells Family who lived there from 1927 to 1935.We will have a large tented area next to the Eldora house to display artist paintings if we over flow the Eldora House display area.

About Canaveral Seashore Paintout

The Canaveral Seashore Paintout is the brainchild of the Friends of Canaveral joining forces with the Canaveral National Seashore.